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BCA Championship Cup 2023


Get ready for an exhilarating weekend of soccer as the BCA Championship Cup 2023 kicks off on July 22nd and 23rd in the picturesque city of Windsor, Ontario. This highly anticipated event will bring together teams from different cities in both the USA and Canada, creating an atmosphere of fierce competition and camaraderie.

Soccer enthusiasts and fans alike can look forward to witnessing the skills, determination, and sportsmanship of these talented athletes. The championship serves as a platform for players to showcase their abilities, celebrate the beautiful game, and strengthen the bonds between communities.

The scenic city of Windsor, known for its vibrant culture and love for sports, sets the perfect stage for this thrilling tournament. With its state-of-the-art sports facilities and welcoming atmosphere, Windsor promises an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.

Teams from various cities in both the USA and Canada will converge on Windsor, bringing with them their unique playing styles and strategies. The championship will be a melting pot of diverse talents, creating a rich tapestry of soccer excellence.

From fast-paced attacks to skillful dribbling, precision passing to breathtaking goals, the matches are guaranteed to provide thrilling moments that will keep spectators on the edge of their seats. The intensity and passion of the players will be palpable as they compete for the coveted championship title.

But the Inter-City BCA Soccer Championship is not just about the matches. It’s an opportunity for players and teams to forge lasting friendships, foster sportsmanship, and celebrate the unity that the beautiful game of soccer brings. The championship serves as a platform for cultural exchange, where players from different backgrounds come together, transcending borders and building bridges through their shared love for soccer.

As the matches unfold, spectators will be treated to a spectacle of skill and athleticism. The energy in the air will be contagious as fans cheer on their favorite teams, creating an electrifying atmosphere that truly embodies the spirit of the game.

BCA takes immense pride in organizing this championship, as it reflects their commitment to promoting sports, fostering community engagement, and celebrating the diversity of talent within the Bhutanese Canadian community. The tournament not only showcases the passion for soccer but also highlights the unity and friendship that can be found within the world of sports.


Event Mission

To promote sportsmanship, unity, and cultural exchange through the Inter-City BCA Soccer Championship, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the love for soccer.

Join Our Event

So mark your calendars and join us in Windsor, Ontario, on July 22nd and 23rd for the Inter-City BCA Championship Cup 2023. Come witness the excitement, cheer for your favorite teams, and be part of a memorable celebration of soccer excellence and community spirit.

Let the games begin, as teams compete, dreams are realized, and the joy of soccer unites us all in the beautiful city of Windsor.

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Rajen Adhikari
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(226) 506-5559

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McHugh Park
Windsor, ON N8P 0A8


Official Fixture

BCA Championship 2023 Official Fixture
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