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BCA Organized Dashain-Tihar Cultural Program: A Celebration of Heritage and Community Unity

On October 23, 2022, from 1 PM to 6 PM, the Bhutanese Canadian Association of Windsor and Essex County (BCA) hosted a mesmerizing Dashain-Tihar Cultural Program at 3211 Forest Glade Drive in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This eagerly anticipated event brought together a diverse array of attendees, including esteemed dignitaries from various professions and fields, as well as members of the Nepali Speaking Bhutanese Community.

The program was graced by the presence of notable individuals such as Councillor Angelo Marignani, representing the City of Windsor, Ramesh Karkee from Karki Law Firm, Chooda Bajgai – Director of the Association of Bhutanese in Canada, and several respected figures from Everest Realty Brokerage Ltd., including Puspa Thapa, Eric Giri, Balaram Kafley, Renuka Dhakal, Som Thapa, Khem Khanal, and Dinesh Malla. Additionally, Indra Timsina from the Multicultural Council of Windsor and senior citizens from the Nepali Speaking Bhutanese Community were in attendance.

The cultural program featured captivating performances, highlighting the rich Bhutanese heritage. Little kids and youths from Hamro Nirtya Kendra mesmerized the audience with their graceful traditional dances, showcasing their talent and dedication. The event reverberated with joyous melodies, as dance, music, and songs filled the atmosphere, creating an enchanting ambiance.

The success of the program was not only due to the captivating performances but also the tireless efforts of dedicated youth volunteers. They selflessly served the attendees, ensuring that everyone enjoyed the event to the fullest. Free food and snacks were served, adding to the festive atmosphere and fostering a sense of community unity.

BCA would like to express its sincere gratitude to Everest Brokerage Limited for their generous sponsorship, making the cultural program possible. The event was beautifully captured through photography and videography by Chabi Dhakal from 6B CREATIVES INC., preserving the memories for years to come.

Adding to the excitement, renowned Bhutanese Nepali singer, Eric Giri, took the stage, enthralling the audience with his captivating performances of his popular hits. His melodious voice resonated with the crowd, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

During the program, BCA took the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of their dedicated volunteers. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to these volunteers for their outstanding service and commitment to the organization’s mission.

The Dashain-Tihar Cultural Program organized by BCA was a testament to the unity, pride, and spirit of the Bhutanese Canadian community. It showcased the cultural richness, talent, and vibrant traditions of the community, strengthening the bond among its members.

BCA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and performers who made the event a grand success. It is through such celebrations that BCA continues to foster cultural preservation, community integration, and a sense of belonging among Bhutanese Canadians in Windsor and Essex County.


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