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Embracing Cultural Unity: BCA’s Flag Raising Ceremony Celebrates Happy Nepali New Year 2080 in Windsor

The Bhutanese Canadian Association of Windsor and Essex County (BCA), in collaboration with Hello Windsor Entertainment, successfully organized a momentous event in celebration of Nepali New Year 2080. On this auspicious occasion, a Flag Raising Ceremony took place at the City of Windsor (City Hall), where our members gathered to commemorate this historic event.

The event was held on April 14, 2080, at 11 AM, at the City Hall located at 215 Chatham Street East, Windsor, Ontario. We were honored to have Councillor Angelo Marignani, a prominent figure in the City of Windsor, initiate this event, symbolizing the unity and harmony between the Bhutanese and Nepali communities.

Dressed in their vibrant national and cultural attire, members of the Bhutanese and Nepali community in Windsor came together to mark this joyous occasion. As a powerful symbol of cultural pride, both the Bhutanese and Nepali flags were raised on a single pole, reflecting the rich heritage and traditions of Nepal and Bhutan.

In recognition of their contribution to the community and their support for this event, MPP Andrew Dowie and City Councillor Angelo Marignani were presented with traditional Nepali Khada scarves and Nepali Topi hats. They addressed the attendees, sharing their thoughts and appreciation for the cultural significance of the event.

We were delighted to have Professor Dr. Gokul Bhandari grace the event with his presence and deliver an enlightening speech, emphasizing the importance and significance of celebrating the Nepali New Year and fostering cultural unity.

The presence of Mayor Drew Dilkens added a touch of distinction to this special occasion. As a strong advocate for cultural diversity, Mayor Dilkens joined us in raising both the Bhutanese and Nepali flags to the pole, signifying the unity and harmony of our communities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Councillor Angelo Marignani and the City of Windsor for their support and seamless facilitation of this event. Their collaboration and dedication were instrumental in ensuring the success of this historic gathering.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all our members, friends, and community members who joined us in this momentous Flag Raising Ceremony, as we celebrated the advent of the Nepali New Year 2080. Together, we embraced our cultural heritage and welcomed the new year with joy, unity, and a renewed sense of community spirit.

May this Nepali New Year bring happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment to all. We thank you for your continued support and participation in our cultural endeavors.

Happy Nepali New Year 2080!

BCA – Celebrating Diversity, Building Unity


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